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For over 20 years, Bernard Favre, an accomplished Swiss craftsman, has been lending his skills to the high end Swiss watch industry. Inventor, creator and producer of tailor-made accessories, he has been working with some of the most famous names in Swiss watchmaking. His experience provided him with an excellent insight into the value of a watch and how best to enhance it.


In 2009, he designed and developed the PLANET, a watch winder for luxury watches, which he unveiled to the world on 19th April 2011. This exclusive product combines functionality with innovative design and the highest quality. Beautifully crafted, it is accessible to a wide audience whilst never deviating from the principles of fine watchmaking.


Rigorous and meticulous, Bernard Favre has been working for many years with the most skilled local craftsmen, who are all driven by the same passion. Combined, these talents keep traditional values alive. This collaboration alone can ensure his sophisticated craftsmanship boasts a high-quality finish and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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