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Repossi is a house of finest jewellery based in Place Vendôme.

Three generations of apprenticeship, for a House with a rich heritage of tradition, audacity and avant-gardism. The pieces and the work carried out have been preserved with the same workshops founded since 1920.  Repossi executes finest jewellery pieces in the tradition of goldsmithing with its European workshops and also offers a range of custom-made collections exclusively on request.  


Alberto Repossi, Artistic Director in the 70/80′ years, cultivates a passion for exuberant cut gemstones and offers large volume collections of unique pieces. His daughter, Gaia Repossi, became Artistic Director in 2007 and pays homage to the family tradition with a new look at the heart of the creations, with an almost sculptural approach.

The Repossi Collections are executed by European Masters of Arts, set with extraordinary gemstones. Ensuring the maintenance of the goldsmith's traditions. This tradition is associated with a modern, essential design, worked in ergonomics to the body.

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