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Thanks to its secular experience, KUNZ offers its customers its jewelry manufacturing workshop.

Dedicated to jewelry craftsmanship, this workshop offers customers the opportunity to create and customize the frames of their choice. An accompaniment and individual advise is brought to each stage of the realization.


From the selection of the stones to the choice of the frame and the setting, the expertise of the house is entirely devoted to the creation of an unique object. A tailor-made jewel, designed with respect for excellence and love of diamonds, the fruit of KUNZ's know-how and the customer's inspiration.


United by a common passion, successive generations pass on the love of the profession. The company has acquired its reputation through the quality of its expertise and its taste for beauty. Authentic and innovative at the same time, the in-house creations are made according to the rules of art specific to the jeweler's profession. This science of jewelry, this anticipation of fashion and this rigor have made the success of the family business.

Sale of Diamonds & Coloured stones

KUNZ offers you diamonds and colored stones of the best quality. The four selection criteria for diamonds, called the "4Cs" (size, color, carat, clarity) allow us to judge the quality of the stones.



Diamonds are chosen exclusively from the colors D, E, F, G, H and their purity varies only from IF to VS2. Furthermore, at KUNZ we give great importance to the size of the stones and their proportion in order to offer you brilliant and luminous diamonds.

Because each diamond is unique, each center stone over 0.40 carat is certified by a gemmology laboratory such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

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