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Coming from a long line of jewellers, 

Yvonne Léon has always been surrounded by exceptional objects. 

Creative at heart, she graduate from ESMOD and has worked in the fashion industry as a stylist and editorial assistant. Caught up by her passion for curiosities, she understands that it is with precious stones and metals that she will really blossom. Yvonne swears by vintage; through family jewelry boxes and flea markets, she brings her findings of yesteryear to the forefront of fashion. Her creations, between accumulation and mixing, pay homage to the past and testify of her quirky side.

Her career in fashion allows her to approach jewelry with a wind of freedom. Yvonne innovates with singular forms and ways of wearing jewelry, under the ear, in odd, minimal or radical pairs. She creates by instinct, with an unconditional love for women of all ages, finding immense pleasure in the great generational gap that she achieves thanks to her iconic pieces teasing the high jewelry, and her capsule collections, real treats to be picked up without moderation.

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