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Stone's collections reflect the sensibility of Marie Poniatowski, its creator. She invented a modern, accessible and easy-to-wear jewelry. Light and infinitely poetic, her precious jewels are similar to the Victorian era ornaments that she loves so much. The diamond, bright without being ostentatious, often treated in micro cut, reigns supreme.


The gold is shaped like spider lace. The "dormeuses", these earrings typical of the refined ornaments of the nineteenth century and formed by an element suspended on a curved gold rod become the emblem of Stone. Her pendants, rings and bracelets are inspired by travel souvenirs, architectural elements and fragments of nature so stylized that they become contemporary patterns.


The presence of dark gold and black diamonds gives her delicate jewelry a dark beauty, accentuated by motifs from the world of music. Between rock and romanticism, some of them are suitable for girls as well as boys. Tinged with emotion and unspeakable charm, they all seem to carry a promise or a secret.

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