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From the family of the founder to the family of Karl Scheufele, who took over the company in 1963, the taste for excellence, the quest for quality, creativity, innovation, independence, and human respect still shine at the front of the factory. After modest beginnings, Chopard established itself in the 19th century as a benchmark in precision watches. Then, the lucky stars seemed to fade until 1963 when Karl Scheufele bought out Chopard. Together with his wife Karin and his two children, Karl-Friedrich and Caroline, he shaped this dazzling and constant rise in power: from the first Happy Diamonds to the latest Haute Joaillerie sets desired by Caroline to the sophisticated L.U.C. watches so desired by Karl-Friedrich, the whole world knows and wears Chopard. In just a few decades, Chopard has opened up to the world and has remained true to its two core businesses: watchmaking and jewelry.

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